How to get a death certificate

The death certificate belongs to the list of mandatory documents that are provided to the notary when submitting applications for inheritance.

Everyone knows that a death certificate can be obtained from the registry office. But not everyone knows that in order to obtain this certificate, you must have some more documents.

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Obtaining a medical certificate

Medical institutions upon the occurrence of the death of a citizen must confirm this fact with a certificate. Therefore, if the death of a citizen occurred within the walls of the house, then the relatives urgently call their local therapist to record the fact of death and confirm this by filling out a special form. After that, the relatives call a police officer. The police officer, in the presence of relatives, draws up a protocol for examining the body of a deceased citizen.

Having documents drawn up by a doctor and a policeman in hand, a relative of the deceased goes to the polyclinic at the place of residence in order to issue a medical certificate of death there. If the death occurred at night, then instead of the local therapist, an ambulance team is called. This course of action must also be taken when the deceased relative did not visit or was not observed in the clinic for a long time, because it often happens that the therapist refuses to issue a certificate. Therefore, ambulance doctors must do this, after which they call a police officer and transport the body with the help of the service to the morgue. During this, they will learn how and when you can get a medical certificate of death. Morgue workers perform an autopsy and issue a death certificate along with a police report and the passport of the relative who called the morgue staff.

The data contained in the medical death certificate must be carefully checked by applicants for errors in the date of issue of the certificate or in the date of death. Upon receipt of the certificate, it is also necessary to check whether the passport data of the deceased is correctly transferred to the issued paper and whether it contains the exact place of death of the citizen. The legality of the document is also determined by the seals of the institution that issued the certificate, as well as signatures, full name and position of the employee of the medical institution and diagnosis.

Errors and blots are not allowed in the medical death certificate, so you need to be very careful when filling them out. You can contact the clinic within a period of not more than two weeks from the moment when the deceased visited the doctor. If the situation is different and the deceased has not been seen by a doctor recently, then the certificate is issued by the mortuary workers after the procedure of a forensic medical examination or examination by a post-mortem doctor.

Upon receipt of documents, it is advisable to check everything: from the epicrisis to signatures and seals.

Follow-up for paperwork

When the above documents are collected, relatives apply to the registry office. Usually they turn to an institution that is located at the place of residence of the deceased. A death certificate with an official stamp is usually issued fairly quickly and can be obtained on the same day or the next day.

Even faster, you can get a death certificate to an organization that operates on the territory of the morgue.

As for the registry office to which they apply for a certificate, the institution does not have to be at the place of residence of the citizen, you can also contact any other nearest registry office, subject to a well-written medical report on death.

Employees of the registry office exchange the passport of a deceased citizen for a death certificate with a stamp seal. And in this receipt of the document, you always need to check the correctness of the document and only after that sign in the registration book.

Together with the certificate, a certificate is issued so that the relatives can organize the burial. Often they turn for help to the team where the deceased worked, and special services help the unemployed.

Who should declare the fait accompli?

There is a certain circle of persons who are required to declare the death of a loved one. Such powers are primarily vested in spouses and other family members who were with their relative until the last minute of life.

If a person dies in a medical organization or in institutions of social protection of the population, then, of course, employees of these institutions must declare the death.

Death can also overtake a person in places of deprivation of liberty, therefore the certificate of his death is drawn up by prison employees.

If an investigation is carried out related to the death of a citizen and his fact of death is established by the investigation, then the certificate is drawn up by the investigating authorities.

If the death of a person does not occur naturally, but he was sentenced to execution, then after the execution is put into effect, the internal affairs bodies declare the death.

In the event of death during military service, this fact is declared by the commander of the military unit.

Special services declare the death of a person no later than three days after the onset of death, or the body of a citizen is found.

The death of a person can also occur in civil transport, namely in a train, plane, bus, in this case, death can be registered at the registry office, which is located in the area of the transport route.

Well, death on an expedition, at a polar station, in areas where there is no registry office, the fact of death is recorded by the nearest organization to the place where death overtook a person.

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