Declaration of Inheritance

An application for acceptance of an inheritance is a document without which a notary will not be able to open an inheritance file, and accordingly, you will not be able to receive an inheritance.

In order for the notary to accept the application, it must contain the following facts.

What should be in the application

  1. Date of death of testator
  2. Relation degree
  3. List of inherited property
  4. Information about other heirs (if any)
  5. Provided Documents
  6. Information that the notary may request

Sample application for acceptance of inheritance

APPLICATION FOR THE ACCEPTANCE OF REPRESENTATION BY THE LAW To the Notary _______________________________ of the Kyiv City Notary District Applicant _________________________________
P.I.B., date of birth, IPN, addresses, tel.

date month river my mother died _______________________________, who lingered for the address: m. Kiev, vul. ____________, bud. ____, apt. ___________, bud.____, apartment number _____, - land lot with an area of ____ hectares, as sold at the address _________, - ______________________________________________________________, - ______________________________________________________________, - ______________________________________________________________. I will accept the indicated spadkove mayo. Krіm to me, a descendant of the first cherga, a person died (my father) ____________________, a kind of sack for the address _______________. Before I declare, I add: - a copy of the certificate about the death of the debt-giver (my mother); - a statement about the rest of the place of residence of the recession; - a copy of the certificate about my people. Other documents will be submitted additionally. “__” _________ 20__ date ___________ /___________________/ Signature P.I.B.

When to apply for inheritance

An application for acceptance of an inheritance must be submitted within 6 (six) months from the date of death (not after, but within six months), after six months it will be too late.

The most common mistake is to wait half a year after the death of the testator and only after that go to the notary. This is wrong, the application must be submitted as soon as possible! Moreover, the very fact of filing an application is important. It is important to be the first to claim your inheritance. This is due to the fact that the person who first applied for acceptance of the inheritance has advantages over other heirs.

In order to become the "main heir" you will need a minimum set of documents:
- statement
– passport + TIN
- certificate of death of the testator
- a certificate from the last place of residence of the testator
- confirmation of family ties with the deceased.

All other documents can be reported (sent) to the notary later.

Who can apply for an inheritance

The application is submitted to a notary (no difference, private or public).

The location of the notary must be in the same place where the deceased was registered (for the city - any notary in the city).

Due to the martial law in Ukraine, in 2023 an application can be submitted to any notary in Ukraine without reference to geography

* We recommend that you first contact the notary in person or by phone

If it is impossible to visit the notary in person, the application can be sent by registered mail (with notification and description of the contents).

* you will need to certify your signature on the application sent by mail

Application can be submitted online


To open a probate case, you need a minimum of documents

  1. Your passport
  2. Your TIN (tax number)
  3. Death certificate
  4. Certificate of cause of death
  5. A document confirming the relationship and / or will (if the deceased left it)
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